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Overwhelmed by paperwork and fearing mistakes? Transform construction chaos into heroic efficiency by streamlining the enormous volume of recurring requests and documents.

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    What Is Contracts Connected?

    Think of us as your sidekick that fills, sends, requests, tracks, and files all things contracts and compliance paperwork.

    Document Management

    Your Documents In
    1 Place Not 10

    All construction contract and compliance documents are instantly formatted and stored in the cloud for instant access from anywhere.

    • Increase organization
    • Decrease errors
    • Decrease time spent
    Contracts Connected Dashboard
    Recurrence Tracking

    Say Goodbye To Tracking In Spreadsheets

    Have full transparency on when documents are due, past due, or approved without having to update a tracker.

    • Increase company-wide transparency
    • Enhance team productivity
    • Decrease risk
    Construction Document Management Software
    Contract Creation

    Send Contracts In Minutes Not Hours

    Have your contract documents auto-populated with vendor information and collaborate with internal team members to get the contract out the door.

    • Send with confidence
    • Improve contract accuracy
    • Increase team collaboration
    Team collaboration

    Out With The Old
    In With The New

    Discover the transformation from chaos to calm in handling contracts and compliance paperwork with Contracts Connected. Slide to see the before and after.

    6CC Sales Deck

    The Contracts and Compliance Blueprint

    See the exact blueprint responsible for turning the complex compliance and contract paperwork processes

    • Reduce risk
    • Improve contract accuracy
    • Increase productivity
    • Grow revenue

    Built By A General Contractor

    We lived it. This was built knowing there HAD to be a better solution around documents, compliance, and the transparency around them. 

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